Freedom Horse Academy

Andrea Wady

My chance meeting with a deeply troubled rescue horse called Archie made me start to look outside the box of traditional horsemanship in an attempt to reach the heart of the horse; it has been a deeply humbling journey.

I am lucky enough to have wonderful mentors in David Lichman, Honza Blaha, Emma Massingale, Anna Marciniak and all the wonderful clinicians who visit us here at Discovery each year, they have taught me so much about my passion, which is liberty and bridleless riding. Also i love to help people that are lacking in confidence when riding horses. Maybe you were a great rider when you were younger, but maybe you have lost your confidence...let me help you regain your dream horse or achieve your goals of cantering down a deserted beach! Whatever is holding you back, let me help you in a way where you feel in control and not pushed out of your comfort zone.

I am committed to helping people cross the bridge from the world of traditional horsemanship to a place where they can find their path of having a better relationship with their horses.

Andrea’s talent lies in bringing back the try in a horse that has been shut down by forced or abusive former training. Through her experience of rescuing and retraining horses, she developed a fun and informal style of teaching based primarily on Positive Reinforcement. If you have always wanted a horse to interact with you in an undemanding and fun way, this is the clinic for you. (thumbnails below)

Bridleless and Bareback in the rainforest from Andrea Wady on Vimeo.